Butterfly display for Spring Summer 2018 , Easter and Ironing

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Well after the snowstorm that was the beast from the east we can hopefully now look forward to Spring Summer 2018. As the daffodils and Primroses recover, lots of Cornish clothes boutiques are preparing for the new season and here at Chapel Street Boutique we decided to make our own new exciting artistic window display.

Chapel Street Boutique Shop snow beast from the east


We thought it would be fun to make our own Spring Butterfly Circles and if the reaction in the store is anything to go by they do seem rather popular. 

You might be intrigued to see how we made ours.

Our 40% off SALE 

Firstly we obtained some hoops, our hoops seem to have some sort of rattling beads inside presumably to make them more exciting for hula hoop dancing. We could not resist trying them out but sadly the rattling sound seemed to be quickly replaced with the clunk of them hitting the floor! We thought they were meant to elegantly spin around the waist! Ours seemed to inelegantly bounce around our ankles!

So after being distracted we wrapped and tape the hoops with suitable Christmas paper.The next stage was to prepare the butterflies. We found a wooden butterfly template and set about drawing around it many many times on some previous season's fashion brochures. It is great to reuse brochures that would otherwise have been wasted and try to create something beautiful from them. I think Lily and Me and Nomads brochures may have been in there somewhere among others. 

Making our Spring Sale Props

Trish with a glue gun

The drawing was the easy bit, less easy was the cutting out that took time and patience. We found about 3 sheets at a time best to cut out as when tempted to try for more they were just a bit tough and unwieldy for the scissors and fingers.

Not quite sure how many we cut out but thinking it must have been many hundreds perhaps even 4 figures.   So all prepared the next stage meant getting out the glue gun to stick them all onto the hoop. We found it best to do one side, let that dry off and next day have a go at the other side. Of course we had one or two making a bid for freedom but we needed a few free spirited ones to grace the window bays anyway. 

We then waited for a suitable dry wind free day to take them into the boutique and hung them up. We hope you like them let us know what you think?     


Mothers day build up was quite busy with lot's of gifts being bought. Our large range of scarves and accessories are always a hit and really competitively priced too. With Easter just around the corner why not drop in or visit our website for gift ideas.


Ironing? With all the fun of Spring butterflies and Chocolate Easter eggs do we really have to think about ironing? Well most of us end up ironing something regularly and I suspect the majority think it a bit of a chore? Or are you someone who really enjoy's an hour or two turning crinkled clothes into ship shape hanger material? What best iron free wardrobe winners do you love? Do you have a favourite material or clever techniques? If ironing is not your think ask Trish which items we have available that do not need ironing?



Elenor Tunic

Ada Dress

Maria Tunic





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  • I enjoy visiting this lovely shop – sometimes it’s convenient and easy to park outside! A Friendly face with honesty when trying on clothes! Thank you for helping me to pick things that suit me. Xxx

    Alison Watters on

  • Well done all of you , I shall be picking up my cut offs when we get back!
    Kipling bags look amazing, something I always use. Love to all xx

    Pauline on

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