Buying Trip to London and Kipling HQ Visit

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So here we are back in Cornwall and the sun is shining brightly as I write our  blog for Chapel Street Boutique. We travelled about 600 miles return to Kensington for the fantastic Autumn Winter 2018 Pure London trade show at Olympia. Underground overnight parking was expensive at about £37 a night at the nearby hotel but it was very convenient and felt rather cool parking next to the Bentley and a Ferrari. (We were not driving either !) Maybe we should explore park and ride next time?

The trade shows are where we meet some of the brands we work with and make sure their season meets our customer base. Trish is looking at so many factors in making those decisions. These events can be tough to navigate if you have not been before but in time you develop an eye for those winning brands. When combined with customer feedback and experience we have a good idea of which stands we are heading for before we enter. Importantly though we always leave a little leeway in time and budgets for new exciting brands to bring to our customers but more about that later. 

New Jewellery line coming soon

The colour trends we noticed coming through were pink, lilac and denim blue. Always a great set of colours to reflect the seaside flowering thrift and blue sea skies we enjoy in this beautiful county of Cornwall. 

We discovered a great Italian restaurant called Cacciari's which was enjoyed by us all despite having to restrain myself from the intriguing Chocolate pizza, maybe next time! 

We decided to walk to the V and A Museum for some research and creative inspiration from the amazing varied designs of generations past and present. It was well worth visiting if you are in the area and was free to enter when we went to the main areas with some of the other exhibitions being payable. Sadly we could not see the Winnie the Pooh exhibition as there was a waiting time involved perhaps due to half term so do consider advanced booking/queuing time as a factor.  

Taxis and Uber!

We went across London in a Black cab one way and an Uber on our return. Hard to judge the cost exactly as the mileages were different but the Uber seemed a little cheaper and travelling as four the Uber seats were all forward facing and comfortable. The Uber app worked well and is certainly clever. 

Kipling offices on the other side of London were well worth the journey. They have monkey wallpaper! Our contact was very welcoming and knowledgeable about the brand. Such an interesting history and great product performance. Their AW18 line up is looking very exciting and we have a preview vlog which we will be sharing on YouTube. In the meantime we have just received the first Kipling Spring delivery in lovely pinks, navy and greys which you can see on our Facebook page and website, and we have also done a VLOG of this as well so check out our YouTube page.

So what's new? Well lots of new styles and looks and we have some exciting sustainable Paua shell Jewellery on the way for the Spring Summer season. We had some interesting meetings with manufacturers and will keep you posted. Keep an eye on our website for the latest news about fashion coming to Cornwall.  



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